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Pope Francis to doctors: never commit abortions or euthanasia, even if that means civil disobedience

pope_francis.jpg by Hilary White (Life Site News)

“To play with life is a sin against the Creator,” and doctors must make the   “brave choice,”     even up to the point of civil disobedience, never to commit abortion or euthanasia, Pope Francis said in an address on Saturday. “There is no human life more sacred than another: all human life is sacred!” the pope said.

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Did Thomas More and John Fisher die for nothing?


by Archbishop Samuel J. Aquila

The idea that Catholics should be allowed to remarry and receive communion did not begin with the letter signed by Cardinal Kasper and other members of the German episcopate in 1993. Another country’s episcopate – England’s – pioneered this experiment in Christian doctrine nearly 500 years ago. At stake then was not just whether any Catholic could remarry, but whether the king could, since his wife had not borne him a son...

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