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Cardinal Burke tells Mass of Ages quarterly that Catholics should be 'very concerned'

(Catholic Herald)

cardinal_burke.jpgCardinal Raymond Burke has said that if the family synod opened the way for divorced and remarried Catholics to receive Holy Communion then it has “departed from Catholic teaching in a very fundamental matter”.

The cardinal, patron of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta, made the comments in an interview with Mass of Ages, the quarterly magazine of the Latin Mass Society.

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Cardinal Burke Addresses the Clergy Scandal

SAN DIEGO- August 16, 2018,

Thomas McKenna, the president of Catholic Action for Faith and Family, interviewed Cardinal Raymond Burke this week on the clergy abuse scandal.

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Modern Day Martyrs Honored at Fatima on May 13 Feast Day

On May 13, the 102nd Anniversary of the Apparitions of Our Lady at Fatima in 1917, I stepped onto the sacred grounds of the apparition site at Fatima to pay a special act of tribute and honor to our Catholic brothers and sisters in Sri Lanka killed by Islamic terrorists on Easter Sunday.

These and others brutally martyred for their faith in various parts of the world, most notably Africa, have often been minimized or entirely dismissed. So it was vastly important to me, and on behalf of the Mystical Body of Christ, to include them in my prayer intentions of a special Rosary to Our Lady, joined by thousands of faithful around the world.

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Over Easter, you and I lost brothers and sisters in the Faith in Sri Lanka. Now What?

Photo Credit: WCC

Together with millions of Catholics around the world, you and I awoke Easter morning celebrating the Resurrection of Our Lord Jesus Christ, meanwhile fellow Catholics in Sri Lanka were killed and martyred as they attended Holy Mass in their parish churches. They were victims of Islamic terrorists. The news was shocking and as the death toll grew and the reports came in, it became evident that this was one of the most vicious attacks carried out in recent times. In fact, it was the largest terror attack on civilians since the assault on the Twin Towers in New York City on 9-11.

Upon hearing the news and seeing the horrible graphic pictures of death and destruction of holy places of worship, I was profoundly saddened and afflicted with the pain and suffering of my fellow Catholics. I immediately turned to prayer for these victims, especially turning to the Blessed Mother asking her to comfort them in their pain and sorrow. 

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What is Lost, Must Be Found


Monday during Holy Week, millions of people around the world watched in horror and sadness as iconic Notre Dame Cathedral burned in a massive conflagration.  Major television networks interrupted regular programming and provided hours of uninterrupted coverage and updates as heroic firefighters and other first responders rallied to fight the blaze and save this sacred church, considered the greatest jewel of medieval Gothic architecture. Inspiring reports of heroic bravery continue to emerge including that of one priest Fr. Jean-Marc Fournier who fearlessly risked his life as he made straight to save the relics and the Blessed Sacrament inside the cathedral.

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Cardinal Burke: Defend Religious Liberty


Cardinal Raymond Burke, who has served as archbishop of St. Louis and prefect of the Supreme Tribunal of the Apostolic Signatura (the highest court of the Catholic Church), said in an interview with that Americans need to “be absolutely wide awake to defend religious liberty.”


Burke, now the patron of the Sovereign Order of Malta, was discussing the new book from Ignatius Press, “Hope for the World: To Unite All Things in Christ.”

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Conscience, The Infallible Guide To Holiness Of Life


(Editor’s Note: Following is an excerpt from March 7, 2015 address that Cardinal Burke gave at the Society for the Protection of Unborn Children Youth Conference, Southport, England. Some citations in the original quoted the German spoken by Pope Benedict XVI in his September 2011 address to the German Parliament. These have been omitted here for reasons of space.)

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cardinal_burke.jpgIf we are to seek holiness of life, to live more totally and faithfully for Christ, namely, to give our lives to Christ, without any reserve, our hearts must seek their wisdom and strength in the glorious pierced Heart of Jesus; our conscience must be trained to listen to God’s voice alone and to reject what would weaken or compromise, in any way, our witness to the truth in which He alone instructs us through the Church. Through our daily prayer and devotion, and through our study of official Church teaching, our conscience is formed according to the will of God, according to His law which is life for us.

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Top cardinal promotes rosary campaign to counter ‘work of the devil’

ANN ARBOR, Michigan, January 22, 2016 (LifeSiteNews) –

Cardinal_burke_3.jpgHis Eminence Raymond Cardinal Burke, former prefect of the Vatican's highest court, took to the airwaves to urge faithful Catholics to join with him in "storming heaven" seeking the Blessed Virgin Mary's intercessions for guidance for Catholic leaders. In the same radio interview, he was strongly critical of radical Church leaders who during the recent Synod on the Family attacked him and fellow defenders of traditional Church teachings on marriage. Such "calumnies" were "the work of the devil," he said, comparing them to the attacks on Christian Europe by the Muslim Ottoman Empire in the 16th century.

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Interview With Cardinal Burke… Insights On The State Of The Church In The Aftermath Of The Ordinary Synod On The Family Part Three

By DON FIER (The Wanderer)

Part 3

(Editor’s Note: His Eminence Raymond Leo Cardinal Burke, Patron of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta, recently traveled from Rome to the Shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe in La Crosse, Wis., a magnificent place of worship which he founded and dedicated.
(His Eminence graciously granted an extensive interview to The Wanderer during which he shared his insights on a variety of topics, including the recently concluded Ordinary Synod of Bishops on the Family and his recommendations for how we should contend with the uncertainty and confusion that is currently prevalent among the clerical and lay faithful.
(This is the last installment of our three-part interview with Cardinal Burke.)

+ + +

cardinal_burke.jpgQ. Do you have any words for faithful priests who find themselves discouraged by the current ecclesiastical atmosphere of doctrinal confusion and subversion?

Also, what about lay people? If faithful members of the laity find themselves in parishes (or dioceses) where aberrant practices contrary to authentic Church teaching are taking place, what is the proper response?

To whom does the laity turn if those in leadership positions in the magisterial office of the Church espouse pastoral practices that are in opposition to her unchangeable doctrine?

A. I hear this from many good priests; even bishops talk to me about the difficulty of dealing with confusion when they present the Church’s teaching. They are told they are not in step with the current practice of the Church or even that they are against the Pope.

One archbishop said to me, “How is it that those of us who teach what the Church has always taught are now called enemies of the Pope by the media and others?”

My response is this: “We know what the Church teaches. It is memorialized in the Catechism of the Catholic Church; it is in the magisterial statements with regard to marriage and family. Go to Familiaris Consortio, go to Casti Connubii, go to Humanae Vitae! We know what the Church teaches and we hold firm to that.”

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Judge: California Hospital Doesn't Have To Do Tubal Ligation

(Associated Press)

hospital.jpgA California Catholic hospital is not engaging in sex discrimination by denying a woman's request for the sterilization procedure known as tubal ligation, a San Francisco judge said in a tentative ruling.

Superior Court Judge Ernest Goldsmith said in his decision Wednesday that Rebecca Chamorro could get the procedure at another hospital, and that Mercy Medical Center's policy against sterilization on religious ground also applies to men.

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