Padre Pio 2023 Day 3 - Catholic Action For Faith and Family


St. Padre Pio always sought to draw others to Christ, whether it be in the confessional, the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass or the letters to his spiritual children, which would draw and encourage them with his friendship and love. In fact, St. Padre Pio would take it a step further.  He would draw a person closer to God by sharing and even taking on the burden of their cross. In the confessional, he would draw them by giving them hope and a sense of wonder, reinforcing the fact that they are loved by God. Stressing that they are not alone in their journey.  And neither are we.

Dearest Padre Pio, the celebration of your Feast Day today fills me with joy and gratitude. Your example of praying for hundreds of thousands of people that have asked for your prayers and then sharing in their burdens brings tears to my eyes. May I learn from you and help others with their hardships. Help me to never lose sight of the great love God has for me, in spite of my sinfulness and pride. Where worldliness and vanity prevail, ask Jesus to give me the spirit of humility and meekness. Now, I come to you, my dearest intercessor. You often said to those who asked you to pray for them: “Pray, hope, and don't worry. Worry is useless. God is merciful and will hear your prayer.” Your words give me comfort and peace. Knowing that you will stand before the throne of God on my behalf, please ask God to do wonders in my life, even a miracle, if it be for His greater glory and the good of my soul. (Mention your intentions now and especially ask for many graces to be bestowed upon Cardinal Burke.) AMEN.

Litany of St. Padre Pio
Lord, have mercy.
Christ, have mercy.
Lord, have mercy.
Christ, hear us.
Christ, graciously hear us.
God the Father of Heaven,
have mercy on us.
God the Son, Redeemer of the World,
have mercy on us.
God the Holy Spirit,
have mercy on us.
Holy Trinity, One God,
have mercy on us.
Holy Mary, Virgin Immaculate, pray for us.
St. Pio of Pietrelcina, pray for us.
Beloved of God, pray for us.
Imitator of Jesus Christ, pray for us.
Good shepherd of the people, pray for us.
Model for priests, pray for us.
Light of the Church, pray for us.
Adorer of the Blessed Sacrament, pray for us.
Faithful son of St. Francis, pray for us.
Marked with the stigmata of Jesus, pray for us.
Patient in suffering, pray for us.
Helper of the dying, pray for us.
Director of souls, pray for us.
Heart of gold, pray for us.
Apostle of mercy, pray for us.
Worker of miracles, pray for us.
Consoler of the afflicted, pray for us.
Lover of the Most Holy Rosary, pray for us.
Helper of souls in doubt and darkness, pray for us.
Comforter of the sick, pray for us.
Example of humility, pray for us.
Source of wisdom, pray for us.
Mirror of the divine life, pray for us.
Lover of Jesus Crucified, pray for us.
Resigned to the will of God, pray for us.
Doing good upon earth, pray for us.
Filled with the spirit of self-sacrifice, pray for us.
Our help and hope in all our needs, pray for us.
Vessel of the Holy Spirit, pray for us.
Leading us to Christ, pray for us.
Our spiritual father and advocate, pray for us.
Crowned with glory in Heaven, pray for us.

God our Father, You helped St. Pio to reflect the
image of Christ through a life of charity and self-sacrifice.
May we follow your Son by walking in the footsteps of
St. Pio of Pietrelcina and by imitating his selfless love.

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