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We Must Stand By Our Beliefs

Catholic Action for Faith and Family is more vital than ever thanks to the pernicious and prolific lies being spewed about our beloved religion. Sadly, the inaccuracies and errors are coming from our own kind, i.e., professed Catholics. Case in point, the recent debacle over the bizarre interpretation and application of faith and morals by Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi.

When Senator Joe Biden was recently nominated democratic Vice Presidential candidate, his pro-abortion voting record and open support for Roe v. Wade were in direct conflict with his espoused Catholic religion. Pelosi, a fellow democrat, politician and Catholic, saw no incongruity when interviewed on Meet the Press. She went on to defend her (their) commitment to protect abortion (rather than the unborn) by making the most preposterous argument. Pelosi claimed that the Church’s teaching on the intrinsic evil of abortion is of recent vintage (50 years or so) while St. Augustine of Hippo (354-430 AD) maintained that it took three months for a human being to happen after conception. Such distortion of the facts and of the truth has not been seen since the old Soviet Union days when Tass News Agency regularly printed disinformation throughout the Iron Curtain.

As several prominent members of the American Hierarchy clarified (Archbishops Burke, Chaput, Wuerl; Bishops Aquila, Zubik, Sheridan; Cardinals Rigali, Egan), Holy Mother Church has perennially taught that abortion is wrong, evil and sinful. It has been consistently condemned for two millennia (from the Didache of 50 AD to the Catechism of 1992, #2271) Secondly, the biology cited from Augustine was precisely that, a scientific opinion held by him and his contemporaries but NEVER considered an article of faith or morals. It was never a dogma or doctrine, rather, it was an acceptance of the primitive human biology HYPOTHESIZED by Aristotle, the ancient Greek, pre-Chrisitian era philosopher. Since the advent of modern medicine and with the help of X-Rays, MRI’s, ultrasounds and sonograms, the hypothetical has been replaced by scientific fact. Once conception occurs, a new human being (and person) is procreated. The DNA of the embryo is HUMAN and it is distinct FROM the mother, i.e., it is evidently another being. This occurs at the moment of fertilization of the egg by the sperm and long before implantation onto the uterine wall. Aristotle and Augustine had no such sophisticated medicine and science, so they speculated on when the human person xisted. Nevertheless, even with their arcane biology, Augustine and the Church Fathers unanimously agreed that abortion at ANY moment after conception was gravely evil (mortal sin). What Pelosi conspicuously left out was the other theory the ancient biology proposed, namely, that a woman was a male embryo gone bad.

In other words, they believed that everyone begins as a male but some degenerate into females due to a genetic defect. You did not hear Nancy quoting that peculiar notion of women being deformed males yet she USED the idea that humans begin as vegetative, then develop into sentient and finally as rational life within the womb. Her selective application of draconian biology while she flagrantly ignored current precise theological moral teachings consistently taught for two thousand years betrays her hidden agenda. Ten of her Catholic colleagues in Congress issued a letter repudiating her entire ‘description’ of Catholic morality on abortion and called her actions ‘scandalous.’ Yet, she is one of the highest ranking Catholics in government and if elected Vice President, Joe Biden will surpass her in duplicity when it comes to being a Catholic politician (since they openly support abortion).

We NEED Catholic Action for Faith and Family since the media has proven that many of our secular leaders and many within the press are clueless when it comes to precise explanation and application of Catholic doctrine on faith and morals. When these same politicians casually approach the Communion line, they send a signal of defiance, not only to the Magisterium but to God Himself, the Author of Truth and Source of Life.

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