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The fullness of the Catholic identity is at the heart of the Church. So, in today’s world, it is imperative that we do everything in our power to support children with the invaluable opportunity to expand their knowledge of the Catholic faith and to help put them firmly on the path to holiness 

During October ‘the month of the Rosary’, Catholic Action for Faith and Family decided to reach out to schools local to our offices in San Diego, CA and offer them the opportunity to have a special visit from our hand-crafted replica of the world-famous International Pilgrim Virgin Statue of Our Lady of Fatima. 

Aside from adding beauty and significance to their regular devotional activities, the students were able to learn more about the story of Fátima where a 10-year-old shepherd and her two younger cousins in Fátima, Portugal witnessed multiple visitations of the Virgin Mary, inspiring thousands of believers. 

The first visit took place at The Nativity School in Ranch Santa Fe, California. On October 6, the school hosted other schools from the Diocese of San Diego as they joined in prayer for the Missionary Childhood Association and prayed the Mission Rosary in the presence of the traveling pilgrim statue of Our Lady of Fatima.

The second visit took place in the North part of the County of San Diego at Saint Joseph Academy. Over the course of several days including Wednesday October 13th, the 104th Anniversary of the Miracle of the Sun, the statue accompanied the student body students in their daily recitation of the Holy Rosary. 

Many students from Saint Joseph Academy are planning a pilgrimage in the spring of 2022 to Fátima, Portugal, so it an opportune time for them to delve into the story of Fatima and the power of faith that has fascinated millions for more than a century.  

We normally share these treasures with the faithful as often as we can in churches, cathedrals and amidst other Catholic devotional activities to spread devotion to the Blessed Mother,” said Thomas McKenna, Founder of Catholic Action for Faith and Family and author of the book, The Fatima Century

Please enjoy some images of these special occasions and keep these schools and all Catholic schools in your prayers. 

Your friend in Christ,

Thomas McKenna


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