Storm Heaven against Covid-19 - Catholic Action For Faith and Family

This is an unprecedented time in our history. We must come together as the One, Holy, Catholic Church!

Join 151,000 Rosary Warriors led by Cardinal Raymond Burke in storming Heaven with prayer of the Holy Rosary on April 1st for God’s mercy and grace as we endure the Corona Virus Epidemic.

“Give me an army saying the Rosary, and I will conquer the world!” 
- Blessed Pope Pius IX

This crisis is unlike any in our lifetimes and it will take all of us to combat it. Many are understandably giving into despair, anxiety and fear. Our Catholic faith teaches that fear is an enemy to hope; therefore, it is during times like these that we Faithful Catholics are especially called to be lights to the world and shining examples of hope to those around us!

We must be like Our Blessed Mother, who remained strong at the foot of the Cross, praying for others even while she herself suffers with Her Beloved Son, persevering because she believed that He would rise again.

There is a time to console and a time to be consoled. So as beloved children of Our Blessed Mother, Faithful Catholic Clergy and Laity must unite during this time of plague, praying not only for ourselves, but for each other, our neighbors, our nation, our world, and the Catholic Church.

We must come together and persevere and overcome this time of trial.

We endure in Faith through it all.

Christ Our Lord has overcome all things, even death! Let us be witnesses by remaining strong, faithful, filled with hope, by being Rosary Warriors, storming Heaven with prayer for God's mercy and help during this time of trial.

All laity and clergy are encouraged to join together at this time. If you are a priest, please consider celebrating Holy Mass for Operation Storm Heaven in union with Cardinal Burke: Click Here

In addition to all intention submitted and the intentions we hold in the silence of our hearts, the laity and clergy will come together April 1st and will pray for these intentions:

1. For all who have died of the Coronavirus.

2. For all who are currently afflicted by this disease in any form.

3. For all family members of those who have died and caregivers of those who are sick or suffering.

4. For the leaders of nations.

5. For all medical personnel and healthcare assistants.

6. For all suppliers of needed pharmaceuticals, medical equipment, and supplies.

7. For clergy, religious, and all spiritual care providers.

8. For all who have been negatively impacted by the economic effects of the prolonged shutdown.

9. For all children and vulnerable elderly.

10. For everyone in the world whose lives have been affected by the Coronavirus in any way.



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