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Day Three – St. Anthony of Padua, Worker of Miracles

Feast Day of St. Anthony

For the past two days, we have given St. Anthony the deepest desires of our hearts.  

Keep in mind the following points when you seek help from St. Anthony: 

Have great confidence in the power of the Saint and his readiness to help you.

Persevere in your prayers if your petition is not granted immediately.

Make yourself more worthy of being helped by endeavoring to serve God as perfectly as you are able. In other words, practice humility.

Do not lose confidence in St. Anthony if a particular request is not granted. Your request will be granted only if it is for the greater glory of God and not opposed to your spiritual welfare.

Do not forget to show your gratitude for favors received, especially by increasing devotion to St. Anthony and fostering that devotion in the lives of others.


Why Tuesdays are dedicated to St. Anthony

Every Tuesday is dedicated to Saint Anthony because of the supernatural graces that God granted on the Tuesday on which his body was buried. On that Tuesday, innumerable miracles were wrought at his tomb, as though God Almighty wanted to open the floodgates of His graces.  

On this feast day, when an explosion of grace will beam down from heaven, let us also ask for favors for our loved ones, for those who have lost their faith and stopped attending holy mass, for those who have no one to pray for them, for the grace of a happy death for those who are dying and for an end to violence, killings and war. 

Dearest St. Anthony, I salute you, great saint, for you are the cherub of wisdom and the seraph of divine love. I rejoice at all the favors God has so liberally bestowed upon you. I beg you to help me, for God has given you charity and pity as well as power. You already know the many needs of my soul and body, my distress, my anxieties and my fears. Please come to my aid, I beseech you, by the love you have felt when the Child Jesus laid in your arms and when He covered you with His caresses. Tell Him now of my needs! Remember how complete your happiness was when you held Him to your breast and pressed your check to His and listened to His sweet voice!

I salute you in spirit, O glorious favorite of God, and bow my guilty head before you in humble reverence, while I raise my sad heart, full of hope towards heaven and to you, for He who placed Himself in your arms will now fill your hands with all I ask of you. Give me then what I ask for, dear St. Anthony and I will make known the wonderous miracles of your intercession, for the honor and Glory of God. (Mention your intentions now and especially ask for the continued good health to Cardinal Burke.) 

O Good St. Anthony, pray for us.
O Good St. Anthony, help us.
O Good St. Anthony, keep us from sin.
O Good St. Anthony, heal the sick.
O Good St. Anthony, console the afflicted.
O Good St. Anthony, convert the poor sinners.
O Good St. Anthony, have pity on the needy.
O Good St. Anthony, bless our homes and families.
O Good St. Anthony, guide and protect us.
O Good St. Anthony, teach us to love God better.
O Good St. Anthony, we love thee.
O Good St. Anthony, Bless us in life and in death



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