Sponsor a Priest 2019 - Catholic Action For Faith and Family

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Your generosity will enable as many priests as possible to join their Eminences Raymond Cardinal Burke and Gerhard Cardinal Müller to begin a movement that ushers in a most beautiful and radiant future for the Church at the 2019 A Faithful Echo Priest Conference in Denver, Colorado.

The conference will address the current crisis in priestly formation and seek to preserve the integrity of the liturgy during this three-day priest conference hosted by Catholic Action.

Our faithful priests will sound the bell of truth in the sacred tower of fidelity in a movement to restore the faithful echo of all members of our Church, but especially their fellow priests.

Any and every amount will help greatly!

If you have been blessed by God with the financial means, please consider sponsoring:

[graphic showing $500 for event, $600 accommodations, $500 flight]

Your gift will be used to cover conference fees, airfare, transportation, and accommodation for the priests.

“Do you wish to know if the people of any place are righteous? Look what sort of a pastor they have. If you find him pious, just, sound, believe the people will be the same, for they are seasoned with the salt of his wisdom.”  -St. John Chrysostom

Let us show support for our priests of the Catholic Church! Let us show them that generous souls made it possible for them to prepare themselves to be on the frontline in the battle to restore the faithful echo of fidelity. Let us help them to be inspired to do even more for the Glory of God and the salvation of souls!