spiritual bouquet letter 2022 - Catholic Action For Faith and Family

Most Rev. Robert J. McManus, STD

Bishop of Worcester

June 22, 2022

Your Excellency:

It is with deepest gratitude that I write you today to thank you for your principled stance affirming our Catholic identity by your recent disciplinary action concerning the Nativity School in Worcester. 

Rarely in recent years have we seen such clarity of thought and integrity of leadership from our clergy. Your decree was like a lightning bolt cutting through the dark spiritual disorientation in Church and society right now, and it is truly refreshing to see a courageous and rightful exercise of episcopal authority protecting the sheep from scandal and confusion. 

You will undoubtedly be the target of vitriolic attacks because of your decree, so I wanted to write to you immediately and express my strong support for your righteous stance. In this, I speak on behalf of the tens of thousands of faithful Catholic supporters of our organization, Catholic Action for Faith & Family, who regularly follow the affairs of the Church and are concerned about safeguarding our sacred Catholic identity. 

We understand that the Church is an organic and mystical unity where each member has some distinct charism to exercise for building up the Body of Christ. There are some things the laity must do and others the clergy must do in response to the grace of their offices. 

In the matter of Church discipline, however, the laity are often handicapped. We can protect our families but not the entire flock of the Church from what Our Lord called “marauders” who enter into the sheepfold by another gate (John 10:1). This is why we are so profoundly grateful that you have lived up to the responsibilities of your own office as shepherd of Christ’s flock in such a forthright and courageous way. 

It is also why we pledge our ongoing support and prayers for you because your action – a “sigh of contradiction” (Luke 2:34) in a volatile time – will safeguard the Catholic Faith for all the souls who are blessed to sojourn under your pastoral care. 

With filial respect and gratitude,

Thomas J. McKenna, President 

Catholic Action for Faith & Family 

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