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As an expression of our greatest esteem for Bishop McManus of the Diocese of Worcester, we invite you to join with us in presenting His Excellency with a spiritual bouquet of prayers and sacrifices for the intentions of his personal and spiritual wellbeing in the aftermath of his righteous decree.

YES! I agree that our Bishops are the Shepherds of our local churches and that we need to pray for them constantly so that they can remain faithful defenders of the Catholic Faith, especially in these times of doctrinal and moral confusion. 

YES! Bishop McManus has my total admiration and support for standing up to the disobedient clergy who have caused so much damage to souls. 

YES, I wholeheartedly wish to do my part in offering a Spiritual Bouquet for him in support of his strong spiritual leadership for the salvation of souls. 

PLEASE let the Bishop McManus know that I have added my prayerful gift to this Spiritual Bouquet: 

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