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San Diegans Unite to Stand Up for Life

On the afternoon of January 22, more than one hundred pro-lifers of all ages gathered in down town San Diego for what the coordinator, Roger Lopez from Helpers of God’s Precious Infants, said was “a peaceful prayer vigil to give a voice to the unborn.”

The vigil was held in union with other prolife rallies around the country marking the infamous day when thirty six years ago the United States Supreme Court made the infamous ruling legalizing abortion in our country. People gathered from 4:00 to 6:00 PM at the intersection of Grape St. and Pacific Coast Highway that runs along the busy San Diego bay. The time coincided with the city’s rush hour when endless lines of traffic must pass by the location. People held signs that made it clear to all who passed by why they were there. As they stood giving witness opposing the evil sin of abortion that takes the lives of more than 3,500 unborn infants every day in our country, they prayed the rosary and sang inspiring hymns. The forecast of heavy rain didn’t dampen the spirits of anyone and when light showers began to fall, bright colored umbrellas only added to the attention calling spectacle. The presence of several local Catholic priests who joined the ranks was a great also an added consolation. “We are here to show that even though it has been thirty six years since abortion has been legal in our country, it doesn’t make it right” said Chris Morales, who is an associate director of the Goretti Group, an organization based in San Diego that conducts seminars about chastity for teenagers across the country. Several local new stations covered the vigil and the abortion issue. One local news station, KUSI, invited Thomas McKenna, the president of St. Gianna Physician’s Guild who participated in the vigil, as well as a Planned Parenthood representative, Dr. Kenneth Edelin, to appear the following day on Good Morning San Diego to discuss the controversy that still exists over Roe v Wade after thirty six years.

As the sun was setting over the bay illuminating the vigil a beautiful and vivid rainbow suddenly appeared in the sky. As he gazed in admiration, Thomas McKenna recalled “the rainbow is a symbol of hope.” “It symbolizes God’s covenant with humanity, despite the dark vicissitudes of human infidelity. The rainbow reminds us that the love of God is greater than evil, and it stirs hope in the midst of challenges faced by the Church and the world.” This beautiful scene was like a promise from heaven that one day soon, Roe v Wade would be overturned and the rights of the unborn rightfully restored.

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