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OLGwRoses3-250x544.jpgfor sending Roses to Our Lady of Guadalupe on behalf of the unborn and for sending your intentions.

Our Lady of Guadalupe performed one of the most remarkable conversions in History. She appeared in 1531 and within 7 years more than 8 million Aztecs had converted to the Catholic Faith, taught by Our Lady herself through the symbolic language of the miraculous tilma portraying Our Lady's image.

It is before this miraculous tilma of Our Lady that your rose(s) and your intentions will be presented.

Our Lady of Guadalupe promised to St. Juan Diego:

Here I will hear the weeping and heal the sorrows, hardships and sufferings of all those who love me, who seek me and who trust in me!

In our world, we need Our Lady's help and healing more than ever!

May Our Lady of Guadalupe, Patroness of the Unborn, help you and protect you and your loved ones amid the trials and difficulties of this earthly life! And may She protect each and every unborn child from the massacre of abortion!

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