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August 24, Day 8 Our Lady of Czestochowa – The Gospel of the Wedding Feast at Cana – the Second Luminous Mystery

At the Shrine of Our Lady of Czestochowa in Poland, from morning until evening, many Holy Masses are offered for Our Lady’s intercession.  The Gospel that is read most frequently is the Wedding Feast at Cana. Let’s contemplate on this homily given by Father Marcin Kołodziej that has been translated into English:

In today's Gospel, the Apostle John gives us a description of the wedding at Cana in Galilee. It is not only a chronicle record that will bring us closer to Jesus but it gives us a picture of how Jesus’ contemporaries experienced family celebrations. However, the Gospel wants to draw our attention to a completely different fact. It is the first miracle of Jesus, which was to confirm that He is not only human, but that He is also God. When Mary said: “they have no wine” Jesus replied:  "My hour has not yet come."  Then, His mother said to the servers, "Do whatever he tells you." The greatness and determination of Our Lady made Jesus reveal his glory at this very moment. The consequence of Jesus 'miracle was not only wine, which satisfied the guests' needs, but something much more important. The sign that Christ performed there at Cana in Galilee during the wedding feast was, above all, the faith of his disciples in Christ as God. The disciples who saw Jesus' act no longer had any doubts that they were accompanying someone special, that they were accompanying God Himself. Sure, they will betray Jesus many times later, walk away from Him, run away at the time of Jesus’ agony and passion, but it will not come from unbelief, but from human fear. The disciples once believed in Christ and they only need to keep strengthening their faith. They asked him for it with these words: "Lord, increase our faith". The attitude of the disciples who believed is to be an example for us today. For in front of us, in front of our eyes, every day, Christ works miracles. And every time we see such a miracle, Mary, the Mother of Jesus, stands before us with the words: "Do whatever my Son tells you" 

(Now mention your own special intentions and pray especially for the needs of Cardinal Burke, as well as his continuous good health.)

Speak for me, Queen of Jasna Gora. Your Son will do whatsoever you shall ask of Him. I beg you, take me under your protection and this is enough for me, to be one of your ever-faithful servants. Amen.

We give thanks to You, Our Blessed Mother, that your admirable strength draws us to yourself. Wecan never forget You. Lead us continually to your Son, so that we may be ready to do what He shows us. Hear our prayers and grant our petitions, which we have placed before you. 

O Lady, Mother of Czestochowa, our most excellent Mother, since the sixth century at Jasna Gora, you have taken care of your faithful people in a most special way. Today also, we seek your intercession. O powerful Mediatrix of all graces.  We are your people, therefore penetrate our minds, our hearts, and all our deeds. Then indeed we shall become your true possessions and worthy members of the Kingdom of your Son, Jesus Christ. Amen.

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