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Part 5

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Christ-242x300.jpgThis brief 5-part series introduces us to the richness of divine mercy in its relationship with divine justice. It helps us to understand the depth of the present and widespread discussion of mercy. Mercy does not constitute an easy response to the great challenges of the Christian life in the world, a response which may ignore the demands of justice. It constitutes rather the response which engages all of our intelligence and will, according to the plan of God for us and for our world. It constitutes the most demanding response which corresponds to the deepest requirements of justice and goes beyond them with the pure and selfless love which comes into our hearts from the glorious pierced Heart of Jesus. Faith in the mercy of God is integral to our faith in the immeasurable and unceasing love of God, represented for us in the Divine Heart, and, after the Incarnation of Our Lord, in His Most Sacred Heart.

The covenant of love which God has established with us by means of the Death and Resurrection of His only-begotten Son is the source of our mercy toward our neighbor, especially the neighbor in most need. We are co-workers with Christ, His soldiers, who incorporated into His being as Son of God, into His Mystical Body, express our nature by love for God and for our neighbor. Our charity is always defined by our life in Christ Who inspires and strengthens us in bringing the love of the Father to every neighbor and especially to the neighbor who is experiencing a time of great need.

Mary-217x300.jpgLet us pray through the intercession of our Blessed Mother that the love we receive from the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, the love which reveals always the eternal mercy of the Father may find its daily realization in our life, in the worship of God and in the service of others. May the observance of the extraordinary year of divine mercy bring us, in abundance, the sevenfold gift of the Holy Spirit for a life lived in the mercy of God and for the mercy of God.

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Excerpt from address presented to the Catholic Evidence League on April 1, 2016, in Baltimore, Maryland

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