May Crowning 2024 Intentions - Catholic Action For Faith and Family

Unite with fellow devoted Catholics to Honor the Blessed Mother on May 13, the Feast of Our Lady of Fatima, with a Holy Mass offered by Bishop Ramón Bejarano and a May Crowning Ceremony.

Honoring Our Lady, Queen of Heaven and Earth, honors her Son, Our Lord Jesus Christ Who first crowned her as His Queen. Adorning Our Lady with a crown of flowers is a custom of great devotion to Our Holy Mother and recalls the beauty of her maternal love for us during difficult times in the world.  

In these days where demotic activity is growing in the public arena, the Sacrament of Marriage is being downplayed and gender dysphoria is being endorsed by public officials, I hope you will join us in this Holy Mass and May Crowning. Your prayers and intentions will be united with us at the feet of Our Blessed Mother. 

Our Lady always guides as a loving mother. Her Immaculate Heart and her maternal beauty will always triumph over the ugliness of sin and suffering. In this time where we face persecution for our Catholic beliefs and uncertainties, we turn to the Blessed Virgin, Mother of the Church and Queen of Peace to ask that she intercede for us to her Son for an increase in holiness during this time of trial, among many other intentions.

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