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“The Blood of the Martyrs is the Seed of the Church.”

We cannot let the martyrdom of Catholics half way around the world slip by as just an “incident” to be swept under the media rug!

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Join Cardinal Burke and 130,000 Rosary Warriors in honoring the witness of the Sri Lankan martyrs!

Please join us in praying five decades of the Holy Rosary on May 13th, Feast of the First Apparition of Our Lady of Fatima in 1917.

On that day, Thomas McKenna, President of Catholic Action for Faith and Family, will be present at the Shrine in Fatima to honor these fallen faithful on behalf of Cardinal Burke, leader of Operation Storm Heaven, a global Rosary Crusade formed by 130,000 Rosary Warriors.

As a symbolic gesture to honor these fallen Soldiers of Christ slain on Easter morning, Thomas will lay a wreath of roses at the feet of the statute of Our Lady of Fatima and pray five decades of the Holy Rosary.

Let us ensure that the memory of these faithful martyrs is not forgotten!

Will you be with us in spirit by praying in union with Cardinal Burke and 130,000 Rosary Warriors world-wide?

Submit your personal intentions below for Thomas to bring to Fatima.


Please know that I will also be uniting in spirit at the same time with Cardinal Burke’s Mass honoring the Martyrs and praying together in the intentions set out as follows:

  • For the repose of the souls of the those martyred in Sri Lanka.
  • Through the spilt blood of the martyrs of Sri Lanka ask God to provide extraordinary grace to bring back to the Catholic Faith any family members of Rosary Warriors who have left the Catholic Church.
  • To bless and protect all Rosary Warriors and intercede for their personal intentions.
  • To beseech Our Lady of Fatima to stay the hand of God’s wrath while we gather together more Rosary Warriors to spread devotion to the Rosary for the conversion of sinners as she asked.
  • To beseech God to restore His grace in the world today.

Please join us and submit your own personal intentions below:

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