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Catholic Action for Faith & Family Confronts Gay Activist Priest Group

“We Will Not Accept a Different Gospel”

San Diego, CA – Catholic Action for Faith & Family – a lay organization that defends  Catholic teaching – issued a statement today confronting a dissident priest group that is  holding its convention in San Diego this week. Since Catholic Action is also based in San  Diego, the statement noted pointedly that “we will not be silent as you come to our city.”  The lay group accuses the priests of presenting a “false gospel” of gay activism to the  Church and to the public.  

Catholic Action President, Thomas McKenna, objected strenuously to the dissident group’s pre-conference statement that undermines Catholic teaching on clerical celibacy  and lifestyle: “You call yourselves US Catholic Priests rather than Roman Catholic  Priests. You claim many points of fidelity to the established teachings of the Church  while at the same time lobby to undermine them. You are upholding your synod in a gay friendly venue in California during so-called ‘Pride Month’, but you seem prouder of this  disorder rather than of our redemption in Christ.” 

One citation from the priests’ document made the stark admission that “gay priests are  caught between the truth of their identity and experience, and their role as represent atives of the Church and its teachings.” Mr. McKenna thanked the group for such an  honest admission that “prov[es] the Church’s point entirely” about gay men in the clergy.  

Catholic Action for Faith & Family is an association of Catholics that strives to uphold and  defend Christian values inspired by the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church. Its many  prayer initiatives, programs, and conferences in support of orthodox prelates and faithful  clergy make it one of the preeminent Catholic lay organizations in the country.  


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