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His Excellency Bishop Thomas Paprocki of the Diocese of Springfield, Illinois has been courageously protecting the Catholic Church's infallible doctrine regarding the sacredness of human life in the womb and God's design for Marriage and Family.

In spite of slander and persecution, Bishop Thomas Paprocki has taken these brave actions in defense of the True Teachings of Our Lord Jesus Christ handed down by His Catholic Church:

  • Forbidding Holy Communion to Senator Dick Durbin, a member of Bishop Paprocki's diocese whose voting record in Congress has supported the abortion of innocent children in the womb; the senator is banned from Holy Communion until he sincerely repents of his actions;

  • Forbidding Holy Communion and Catholic Funeral Rites to persons participating in same-sex "marriages" until they repent of this objectively grave and sinful act;

  • On the day when Illinois officially legalized same-sex "marriage," Bishop Paprocki performed a public exorcism in reparation for the sin of same-sex "marriage" to cast out the devil's influence in the state.

As a result of his courageous actions, Bishop Paprocki has been accused of being hateful, when in fact his actions are done is out of love for Our Lord and for the well-being and salvation of sinners.

Those who ignore and tolerate homosexual sin do so out of apathy and indifference, not love, whereas those who fraternally correct sinners embody true Christian love and sacrifice as modeled by Our Lord. Bishop Thomas Paprocki is an example of such Christ-like and sacrificial love.

Support a true shepherd who is following in the footsteps of The Good Shepherd! 

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Dear Bishop Thomas Paprocki,

Thank you for your courageous witness for Our Lord Jesus Christ and the Catholic Faith!

I stand with your proactive defense of the sacredness of human life, God's design for Marriage and the Family, and for the True Teachings of Our Lord Jesus Christ handed down by His Catholic Church.

I support your example of fraternal correction, of loving the sinner while hating the sin, of rejecting tolerance for homosexual sin motivated by indifference and apathy on the part of those who tolerate it, of taking up the cross by correcting our neighbor out of love for God and the well-being and salvation of souls.

Please be assured of my prayers for you and all the good shepherds within the Church!

May God bless you and continually grant you strength and courage in your endeavor to protect the sacredness of human life, especially the vulnerable in the womb, God's original design for Marriage and Family, preserve the perennial doctrines of the Catholic Church, and protect the integrity of our Catholic Faith.

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