Thank you for making your pledge

Thank you for Taking the First Mustard Seed Challenge!

I must congratulate you on having the courage and perseverance to make the pledge to pray in public for these next 30 days.

By saying grace in a restaurant or praying the Holy Rosary when you’re out and about (aloud when you are with others and silently when you are alone), you are proving to the world that Faith is not dead. In fact, Faith is growing.

Perhaps through your actions, you will plant a seed in the minds of other Catholics about the importance of witnessing for our Faith and you may give others the courage necessary to do so! You may also become the instrument of God to convert non-Catholics to the True Faith!

I pray that the practice of praying in public will become a good and stable habit in your life!

May Our Divine Savior richly reward your efforts!


Kind regards in Our Lord and Our Lady,


Thomas J. McKenna

Founder and President

Catholic Action for Faith and Family

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