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Operation Storm Heaven Strategy meeting and Prayer for Rosary Warriors

I just returned from Rome where I met with Cardinal Burke and others to give His Eminence an update and discuss future plans for Operation Storm Heaven. His Eminence is pleased with the campaign and the consolation and inspiration it is bringing to all those suffering, especially from the confusion of our times. Following our meetings we went to his private chapel and prayed together for all of the intentions of the Rosary Warriors.

Although the week was full of meetings, on Sunday before I returned I was able to make a pilgrimage to three very special shrines to pray for all of the members of Catholic Action for Faith and Family and the Operation Storm Heaven campaign. The shrine of Our Lady of Good Counsel of Gennazano is located in a rustic town about one hour outside of Rome.

On the 25th of April 1467, an image of Our Lady appeared on one of the inside walls of the church. The people of the town were very moved not only by the prodigious happening but also by the multitude of miracles the Blessed Mother granted through her beautiful image. According to a very old tradition, the image was brought to Genazzano by angels from Albania and followed by two pilgrims. Many Popes and saints have made pilgrimages to pray before this holy image.


On the way to Genazzano, I stopped by the monastery of Subiaco to pray. In this ancient monastery is the actual cave where the great St. Benedict retired from the world at the age of fourteen and lived for three years in recollection. From this grotto, St. Benedict developed the idea and organization of the Benedictine Order. At this holy site, I recited a rosary for the intentions of the Rosary Warriors.

Lastly I visited St. Peter’s Basilica where I prayed a rosary at the altar where the relics of the antimodernist Pope, St. Pius X are venerated. I especially asked for his inspiration and guidance for all of us facing the deluge of confusion in the world today.

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