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Message of Gratitude from Bishop Kevin Rhoades

On June 3, 2016, Catholic Action for Faith and Family president, Thomas McKenna, visited Bishop Kevin Rhoades in his diocese of Fort Wayne – South Bend to present him with more than 10,000 signatures of support from Catholics across the country for his position opposing Notre Dame University’s bestowing of its highest award for a Catholic on Vice President Joseph Biden.

Mr. McKenna also presented His Excellency with Catholic Action’s “Fidelity of Faith” award. The award is given to individuals in gratitude and recognition of their courageous witness and uncompromising defense of human life, the Catholic Faith and for their exceptional loyalty to the Magisterium of the Catholic Church.


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Message from Bishop Rhoades:

I would like to express my deep thanks to all those who sent me the message of support. It really means a lot to me. Sometimes as bishops we can be standing out there and not realize that we have a lot of people behind us who support us with their words but, especially with their prayers. So I want to thank all of these people who have supported me in this way.

It really does mean a lot and we need to continue to support one another. It is not easy in today’s culture to stand up for certain things of the Gospel that may not be popular. But it is important that we be in solidarity with one another. And I am extremely grateful for this solidarity that I have experienced through the many who signed the message of support.

May God bless all of you! You are also all in my prayers and may the Lord bless all of us with the courage and the strength that we need to be faithful during these challenging times.

~ Bishop Kevin Rhoades

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To listen to the message of gratitude from Bishop Rhoades, click below:

Click here to read more about the Scandal at Notre Dame University

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