Year End Appeal - Catholic Action For Faith and Family

Thank you for helping us reach more souls with Hope and Light in the Month of Mary 2021

Your investment in Catholic Action is an investment in the future of the Church, the future of our country, the future of your loved ones and the future of Christian Civilization.

Your gift will help us expand each event planned for this month dedicated to rallying around and honoring Our Lady of Fatima, especially for the conversion of sinners (and hearts), as well as lukewarm Catholics who do not avail themselves to the Sacraments – those souls are so precious to Our Lady. Your gift will also help us to reach our goal of recruiting one million Rosary Warriors praying in union with His Eminence Cardinal Raymond Burke for the graces so greatly needed in our world!

Together, guided by Our Lady of Fatima, we will bring the grandeur of the Holy Catholic Church to the world and protect the sacred treasures of our Catholic Faith!

Donate now and make our Catholic Action movement a living reality and expand Operation Storm Heaven now and throughout 2021!

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