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Thank you for presenting your prayerful selection to be added to the Spiritual Bouquet for Most Rev. Robert J. McManus!

This spiritual bouquet is a special initiative of Operation Storm Heaven, Cardinal Burke’s global Rosary Crusade. In addition to pledging our support for courageous and rightful exercises of episcopal authority shown by Bishop McManus, let’s join together to help sweep the dust off the spiritual lives of thousands by supporting Cardinal Burke’s outreach programs by making a donation.

Operation Storm Heaven is uniting faithful Catholics throughout America and the world. Cardinal Burke hopes to continue our expansion of this Rosary Crusade to 1 million Catholics united in prayer to beseech God to open the floodgates of His Mercy upon the Church and the world.

So much confusion and chaos reign in our society and even in the Catholic Church. So many have fallen away from the True Faith. Our families, our Faith, and our values are under attack from every angle and direction.

Now more than ever, we must redouble our efforts to enlist more Rosary Warriors for Operation Storm Heaven during the second half of 2022!

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