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Become one of a million Catholics praying the Rosary on the 1st of each month to......


 “Give me an army saying the Rosary, and I will conquer the world!” Blessed Pope Pius IX

To achieve this, we are:

1. Enlisting faithful Catholics throughout the USA and the world in Operation Storm Heaven: a Rosary Crusade to pray for mercy for our nation and the world. On the 1st of each month all participants will pray one Rosary in union with the Holy Mass and Rosary that Cardinal Burke will celebrate on the same day for the intentions listed below;

2. Forming a spiritual army of Rosary Warriors to besiege Heaven with prayer, and to spread the Light of Truth throughout America and the world;

3. Rallying and uniting faithful Catholics into a united voice to beseech Our Lord Jesus Christ, the Blessed Virgin Mary, and all the angels and saints to hear our prayers and to come to our aid.

As you unite your rosary with the Holy Mass celebrated by Cardinal Burke in Rome and the rosary he will pray on the first of each month, you will also be uniting your prayers and your intentions to every Rosary Warrior in the world.

Each Mass and rosary is offered to obtain from God through the intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary, the following graces and for the following intentions:

  • For Holy Mother Church: that Our Lord guide the Pope, the bishops and all members of the clergy to be holy in all things, faithful shepherds, beacons of Truth, and defenders of Good;
  • May all confusion be dispelled from the hearts and minds of all people and may the Light of Truth shine in them;
  • For our families and the family institution that is being so attacked in our world;
  • For the conversion of all sinners to the True Faith;
  • For the salvation of my soul, the souls of my loved ones, and the souls of all;
  • For the sanctification of each and every Catholic, especially for my personal sanctification. May I live holy every moment of every day of my life. May I be a true follower of Jesus Christ in all things;
  • To make each and every one of us a faithful soldier of Christ in the struggle against the world, the flesh and the devil;
  • To obtain the graces necessary to stop abortion, stop the onslaught of the homosexual revolution, to overturn legalized same-sex marriage, to stop the spread of physician-assisted suicide and euthanasia, and to stop the culture of death in all its forms and establish the Culture of Life in all souls, in all minds and in all hearts;
  • For our beloved Nation and for every nation on earth;
  • For all the personal intentions that have been submitted to Operation Storm Heaven

Become a Rosary Warrior and join Cardinal Burke to Storm Heaven with prayer!

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