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 The Satanists are targeting innocent children! STOP THEM NOW!!!

 Sign the petition below to say NO to Satan!!!

The Satanic Temple of America is opening an 'After-School Satan Club' at the Sacramento Elementary School in Portland, Oregon. Their plan is to open more Satan Clubs at grade schools in Arizona, California, Georgia, Florida, Missouri, Utah, Washington, the District of Colombia and across America.

The Satan Club seeks to:

  • deny the existence of God, eternity, sin, and all things spiritual;
  • promote science and reason as the only source of truth
  • teach children that they should not hope for future reward for virtue (Heaven) nor fear future punishment for sin (Hell)
  • eradicate the notion of God from the minds of innocent children

This program is a direct affront to the 1st Commandment of the Law of God!

Please voice your rejection of Satan and his works by signing the petition to STOP the After-School Satan Club in Portland!

After signing the petition below, please spread the word to your family and friends.

Let us make it clear that Satan is not welcome in America! and he is not allowed to corrupt our children!


Honorable School Board Members at Sacramento Elementary School,

I strongly urge you to say NO to the 'After-School Satan Club' that will be targeting innocent children under your care!

Do not allow the Satanic Temple's 'Satan Club' to begin to operate at your school!

America is "one nation under God!" Please do not expose innocent children to the lies and wiles of Satan and his followers!

I ask you to employ all legal and peaceful means at your disposal to protect the souls of children from Satan!

Protect America's children! Protect innocence! Say NO to Satan!

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