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Your gift makes a difference in helping to uphold, defend and support the Catholic Faith and the Catholic Family!

Dear friends,

I am writing to thank you for your continued support for Catholic Action Faith and Family and our mission.  

It is through your generosity that we have been able in every season to expand our efforts to uphold, defend, and support the Catholic Faith and the Catholic Family.  

EACH YEAR, we take stock of what we have done and what still remains to be done. Yet, this year is different. Why? Because we have reached a crossroads as a society and in the Church itself. 

There is no doubt the past year demonstrated the forces acting in direct opposition to our faith. There is a tide that is receding and pulling much of what we love out to sea. 

As the year comes to a close, we also see a world under attack by Satan and his dominions, as our Lord said it would be (1 Peter 5:8-14).

In our country, the land of the Statue of Liberty and the Liberty Bell, the economy in many respects is unstable and crumbling, our borders are being overrun, violent crime is surging and our youngest children on up are confronted with pornography and questioning their gender. Meanwhile, our Catholic faith is being scandalized at the highest levels of our society.

We know there is a revolution afoot and the true solution lies in mounting a counterrevolution inspired by hope. With your dedicated support, together with that of our family of souls, both ‘clergy and laity’ standing and fighting side-by-side, Catholic Action intends to lead the way.

Catholic Action for Faith and Family is poised over the next 3-5 years, to have perhaps its most significant and highest impact years since its founding; and with our beloved Cardinal Burke at the help whose health continues to build vitality.

Through it all, we endured and learned to deal with new challenges which birthed a new breed of hope!

There is NO SUBSTITUTE for the power of Catholic Hope, and the world needs to know the reason for our hope and where to find it. Guiding us like a lantern to a path of new possibilities, this hope was amplified when His Eminence exhorted us to pray the Holy Rosary daily and reminding us that “She continues to be the channel by which the grace of Christ wins the victory over sin in our daily lives.”

The dawn of a new year signifies the end of one chapter and the beginning of another.

If 2022 was a year of hope, 2023 presents us an opportunity to move well beyond resolutions to intentions. When intentions are strong, they allow us to focus and plan not only for our present work, but for the future.  We do so with clear vision that there assembled forces seeking to undermine the validity of any conventional institution. Anarchy, destruction of property, grave injustices, and even murder have become rampant in many of our cities.  

But you and I know these are not the only tragedies of our times. 

Never in all history have we seen evil promoted so blatantly and true goodness mocked and rejected. 

Never have we seen sacredness profaned and the profane “sanctified” by public endorsement.  

Traditionally hidden in the dark sea of human sin and error, the enemy now is, 

  • Walking tall and out in the open celebrating in the public forum, the killing of the pre-born - demanding that innocent babies in the womb be aborted – some states have legalized abortions up to birth. 
  • Launching radical attacks on the family including our own Catholic president signing the respect of marriage act, the promotion of transgenderism –mutation and other procedures and medications that destroy the natural body.
  • Cultivating the loss of Faith through the spread of confusion and secularism – to name just a few of the moral tragedies.  
  • Halting Traditional Latin Masses in parish communities that were well attended and growing.
  • The push of acceptance of same-sex unions; to be blessed by a priest inside of the sanctuary. For same sex couples to kiss each other during the sign of peace, while families with children stand nearby.

You can serve as a source of hope and light as well as a reminder that families are not alone in their darkest moments. Make a donation today.

Catholic Action for Faith and Family Poised to Mount a Counter-Revolution! 

There is a revolution – or rather a rebellion – afoot in our world. We need to wake up to the fact there is a multi-pronged threat being waged against everything we hold dear. This revolution is taking place right in front of our eyes. 

Our Catholic Faith represents the sole force capable of resisting these forces; yet the Catholic Church seems to be suffering from analysis paralysis. This vacuum results in confusion and darkness as so many Catholics lose their faith and stray from the path that leads to Heaven. 

There is no shortage of alarming statistics to demonstrate the repercussions of this confusion. Let’s consider just a few of the numbers: 

  • 37% of Catholics are considering leaving the Church due to the ongoing sexual abuse scandal. 
  • 45.3% of US Catholics attend Mass once per month and only 21.1% attend Mass every week. 
  • 69% of Catholics do NOT believe in the Real Presence of Christ in the Eucharist.
  • Political leaders and cultural influencers regularly mock the Catholic Church and its teachings.

Without relenting – for 16 years now – Catholic Action for Faith and Family has diligently battled on the front lines to support and spread the Hope and Light of Christ amid the darkness and confusion of our times. We have helped to restore hope in countless souls and, together, gathered a spiritual army of Rosary Warriors across the globe. 

Your donation makes a difference!

I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your generous support throughout 2022 that made this possible! 

Thanks to your generosity, 2022 has been a year of great accomplishments. We have revitalized our Operation Storm Heaven program in significant ways this year. By…

  • Expanding our officer corps of leading prelates contributing to the legacy of Cardinal Burke’s led Operation Storm Heaven movement;
  • Upgrading our web platform architecture and video production qualities to efficiently deliver optimum sound and lighting;
  • Facilitating interaction with Rosary Warriors to help us better understand your ongoing prayer intentions and concerns; providing meditations and prayers as well as an opportunity to submit intentions for Feast Day Holy Masses;
  • Continuing monthly broadcasts for Rosary Warriors to participate in the Holy Mass and Rosary on the first of each month with His Eminence Cardinal Raymond Burke across their favorite platforms such as Facebook Live or YouTube; 
  • Inauguration of the Catholic Action Insight Interview Series with Thomas McKenna, which included invigorating discussions with Fr. John Trigilio, PhD, KGCO, Karl Keating, Founder of Catholic Answers and Charles Limandri, Founder of the Freedom of Conscience Defense Fund; 
  • Second Annual May 13 Broadcast Live: Marian Holy Hour and May Crowing of Our Lady, presided by Bishop Bejarano;
  • Took on difficult issues facing our world and the Church with our episodes of ‘Conversations with Cardinal Burke’. 
  • Enlisting 71,172 new Rosary Warriors bringing the spiritual army of Rosary Warriors to just under 330,00000- across platforms worldwide.
  • Reaching more than 8.7 million people with extensive online marketing for the Operation Storm Heaven Rosary Crusade

It is your generosity that makes this possible! 

Planning for the Path Forward! 

Planning for 2023, I have been consulting in detail for many months, including with Cardinal Burke and others about setting proper and high-impact goals for the upcoming year in light of the increasing confusion and struggles mentioned above. 

His Eminence stressed there was no choice but for all those that love the Church and the truths of the Faith to once again double their efforts. Cardinal Burke exhorted the faithful by saying,  

“My response is simple: Pray with all your heart and give witness to the truths of the Faith in the Church and in the world.” 

Considering the rapid escalation of confusion, error, and division, our agenda for 2023 could very well be the most important and certainly the most aggressive undertaking since our founding in 2006. This is why we are asking for an All-Hands, All-In effort.  

Help us reach more souls with Hope and Light in 2023

Here are our 2023 Featured Goals: 

*Currently held under strict-confidence, stay-tuned in the first quarter of 2023 for a massive roll-out of our most impactful campaign to date. The campaign will be national, the news will be major and multi-national, and the impact will be eternal! 

 Additional goals include: 

  • Increasing the spiritual army of Rosary Warriors by our greatest increase to date “125,000” as we strive toward our ultimate milestone goal of 1 million Rosary Warriors. 
  • Improving our media syndication and reaching the next-level with the production quality of our livestream broadcast of the Operation Storm Heaven Mass and Rosary and further engage and broaden our audience internationally. 
  • Holding a series of Diocesan-sponsored public Storm Heaven Events for all Rosary Warriors, leaving no participating parish or parishioner behind.  
  • Rolling-out our Faithful Echoes of the Eucharist conferences expanding our grassroots reach of the Faithful Echo program to include Diocesan-sponsored Faithful Echoes of the Eucharist tours (stay tuned for details and announcements of joint conferences for bishops, priests, and laity this coming year).
  • Initiating High-impact engagement of all Catholic clergy and lay leadership in mounting an authoritative response to self-proclaimed Catholic public figures. (Again, stay tuned for this one)!
  • Promoting and assisting faithful clergy to uphold the teachings of the Church through extensive online marketing and outreach program. Goal is to expand our reach 2.8 million Catholics. 
  • Usher in a new era of cooperation and formation beginning with our campaign to reach 30,362 US Priests, 390 Bishops, including Archbishops and Cardinals, and 750 of the Eastern Rite to remind them of their charitable duty to inform Catholics they are not a Catholic in good standing if they openly support and promote abortion and homosexuality. 
  • (NEW 2023 PROGRAM) ─ St. GIANNA HOME APOSTLATE & ENSHRINEMENT CEREMONY & PROGRAM, dedicated solely to strengthening the domestic Church under the patronage of St. Gianna Beretta Molla. Among the many and wonderful gifts which God gives to us in the Church, one of the most treasured is the friendship of saints who have gone before us, following Christ with heroic Faith, Hope, and Charity.  

Above all, stay tuned and be ready to get involved when we lay out a robust program for each quarter of the new year that will serve as the foundation for families to come together to consecrate themselves under the protection of their patron, Saint Gianna.  

Our Primary 2023 Challenge: Engage and activate the faithful laity to support each of our priests by giving them the instructions, resources, and encouragement they need to stand up for Christ and charitably withhold the Holy Eucharist from politicians and other public figures who claim to be Catholic yet publicly promote abortion and homosexuality.

Donate Now to make this happen! 

  • $45 will reach 1000 Catholics to join Operation Storm Heaven Rosary Crusade; 
  • $167 will enlighten and remind 2500 Catholics that supporting a pro-abortion politician is a mortal sin;
  • $500 will put critical instructions and materials in production now to support the challenge described above onto the desks of 50 carefully selected leaders;

Your investment in Catholic Action is an investment in the future of the Church, the future of our country, the future of your loved ones and the future of Christian Civilization. 

As we contemplate this sacred Christmas Season, we turn to the radiant glow of the Infant Jesus, with His tiny, outstretched arms, giving us strength and invigorating our hope.

With your rare breed of hope, you are a light for us! You are a light in the lives of the thousands of people who owe their hope and their perseverance in the Faith to your generosity. 

Your Generous Gift will transform the lives and the hearts of millions. 

We are truly blessed to have you as part of the Catholic Action Family. I ask that you help us continue to shine light and unleash the power of Catholic hope throughout our country and our world. We depend on YOU! 

May the Divine Infant Jesus through His Holy Mother Mary and St. Joseph bless you and your loved ones with many graces and blessings now and throughout the Christmas Season! 

Thank you for all that you do!

Surrounded by the radiating love of the Infant King,

Your friend in Christ, 
Thomas J. McKenna  
Founder and President 
Catholic Action 

P.S. Please respond by December 31, 2022 with your generous donation. Help us sustain and expand our mission and programs designed to restore our society to its foundation of Christian order, virtuous living, and the pursuit of God’s eternal kingdom.



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